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Why CBD+CBN sleep tinctures are a game-changer for everyone • Uncategorized




Cannabidiol enthusiasts should know about another game-changing compound in the hemp plant. Cannabinol or CBN is a chemical compound found in cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! or hemp plants. CBN is associated with fantastic health benefits and hence gaining popularity in no time. The compound being non-psychoactive, CBN has been a topic of discussion among researchers recently. Combining CBD and CBN oil for sleep can provide excellent benefits.


Do not confuse CBN with CBD!

The acronyms are challenging to remember. However, knowing the differences between CBD and CBN is essential. The main distinction between these two compounds is that we know much more about CBD than about CBN. Researchers have had studied the potential benefits of CBD in various health ailments, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. However, CBN being a newbie in the hemp industry, studies show its magical effects on problems related to sleep.


The second difference is the scarcity of the CBN compound. You might not easily locate any CBN dispensaries or scroll down various products infused with CBN over the internet. At least for now, since the studies and investigations are not sufficient enough, CBN is less accessible.

CBN’s miraculous effect on sleep

The anecdotal pieces of evidence have proven that CBN might be used as a tranquilizer. A lot of marketers name the products containing CBN as “sleep aid.”



A study published in 1975 suggested that CBN may be a sedative. The effects of CBN in concomitance with tetrahydro cannabidiol were tested on 5 participants. However, a lot of criticism suggested that THC, the psychoactive compound in hemp, is responsible for the sedative effects of CBN.


CBN is prominent in older hemp flowers. The tetrahydro cannabinolic acid (THCA), when exposed to air for a more extended period, turns into CBN. Evidence and studies show that cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! that is aged helps people fall sleepy. This is the main reason why people using CBN experience the sedative effects.


However, the scientific studies to confirm these statements are less and not efficient enough. Hence, doctors might not strongly suggest you use CBN products as confidently as they might advise using a product infused with CBD.



Also, many researchers believe that the soothing aspect of CBN is not related to the product but to some other element that might be anonymously present in the compound.

The established benefits of CBD for sleep

CBD has been used for recreational as well as medical purposes. The last two decades have shown immense interest in marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! or CBD in particular. It has encouraged the researchers to conduct various studies on CBD.


Earlier it was suggested that higher doses of CBD may help you sleep better. Gradually, scientists came up with a different dosage that might be helpful for different ailments. Studies suggest that 160 milligrams of CBD increase the duration of sleep. Combined with Nitrazepam, a dosage of 40, 60, or 80 milligrams of CBD might help you sleep better.



The scientific reason linked with the study is that CBD helps in reducing cortisol levels in the body. A person who has insomnia possibly has higher levels of cortisol at night, unlike normal people. When consumed before going to bed, CBD reduces the secretion of the stress hormone and lessens the chances of night awakenings.


Further, a study included 103 participants suffering from anxiety or sleep disorder for three consecutive months. This study tested the interactions of CBD with other medications. They concluded that CBD dosage could range between 25-175 milligrams, where 25 mg is the most efficient dose for people suffering from anxiety. However, people dealing with sleep disorders require a higher dosage of CBD.



During these months, 66 percent of people reported sleep improvement in the first follow-up; however, 25 percent suffered a deterioration in sleep. The second follow-up showed improvement in 56 percent of the participants, while 26 percent reported lack of sleep.

Thus, the study concluded that CBD might help in the short term but might not show effectiveness in the long run.

Other effects of CBN

CBN has some other health benefits as well. Gradually as researches are being conducted, people are exposed to the fact that CBN might:

  • Relieve pain – A 2019 study concluded that CBN helps relieve chronic pain in rats. Hence, it might also help treat pain experienced by humans.
  • Stimulate appetite – The rodent study showed that consumption of CBN made the rats hungrier and built the capacity to eat a large amount of food over a longer time.
  • Reduce inflammation – In 2016, a study was conducted to show the pain-relieving effects of CBN on rats suffering from arthritis.
  • Acts an antibacterial – The 2008 study explained the effect of CBN on MRSA bacteria that causes infections. CBN killed these bacteria and acted as an antibiotic.


All these tests and studies were conducted on rats. Human trials have not yet been administered.

Potential interactions of CBN with other medications:

If you plan to consume CBN, it should be kept in mind that CBN has been studied to interact with some medications. They are:

  • antibiotics and antimicrobials
  • anticancer medications
  • antiepileptic drugs (AEDs)
  • blood pressure medications
  • blood thinners
  • cholesterol medications
  • erectile dysfunction medications
  • heart rhythm medications
  • immunosuppressants
  • pain medications
  • prostate medications

Side effects of CBD and CBN Sleep tinctures:

Consuming CBD and CBN sleep tinctures might leave you with a trail of side effects, including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should restrict themselves from consuming CBD or CBN.

Alcoholics should not consume any hemp or cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! products, as a study suggested that CBD provokes suicidal tendencies.


Regardless of any health ailment, consult your doctor before deciding the dose and usage of CBD and CBN sleep tinctures.



A word of caution

Before purchasing any hemp-based products, do read the label properly. Black marketers often make unnoticeable changes and sell inappropriate products with unauthorized doses. Make sure that the product provides third-party laboratory tests, reports, and certificates of analysis. Read the label for a proper understanding of the elements used in the product.

Though CBN+CBD products are slowly becoming popular, the existing shreds of evidence are not enough to suggest the exact effects your body might manifest. Do your research and read all the studies thoroughly before employing hemp products in your daily lives.






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New Jersey Opens Public Comment Period for Proposed Cannabis Rule Amendments



New Jersey residents have the opportunity to provide input on upcoming adult-use cannabis rule updates—input that officials say can have a real impact on the outcome of the final rules.

Public comment on proposed updates to the rules for New Jersey’s adult-use cannabis marketplace is now open from the state’s CannabisThis post contains affiliate links! Regulatory Commission (CRC). New Jersey residents have until September 30 to provide input.

The proposed rule amendments—contained in a 325-page document—provide changes to licensing processes for delivery, distribution, and wholesale operations. The proposed amendments also cover safe-use information, waste management, and advertising and promotion.


WHYY reports that under the proposed rule amendments, cannabis retailers and delivery services would be able to sell or deliver no more than one ounce of usable cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, five grams of solid cannabis concentrate or five milliliters of cannabis oil. Retailers could also not be able to sell vape formulations containing more than five milliliters of cannabis oil, ingestible cannabis products containing more than 1,000 milligrams of THC, or more than one ounce of any combination of usable cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! and cannabis products.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement, Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act, also known as CREAMM Act, was passed on December 27, 2020. New Jersey is one of 18 states to legalize adult-use cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!.

The CREAMM Act authorizes the CRC to expand the existing Medicinal Cannabis Program, and develop, regulate, and enforce adult-use rules and activities. The public comment period will provide insight into the outstanding issues that may arise.

“The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has submitted updated rules for the state’s personal-use cannabis market for public comment,” CRC posted in a news release. “New Jersey residents are being invited to give their feedback on the proposed rules up to Friday, September 30, 2022.”

“The rules, which amend the initial regulations adopted by the NJ-CRC in August 2021, establish licensing instructions for cannabis wholesale, distribution, and delivery businesses. They also clarify the working space for microbusinesses to exclude the square footage of bathrooms, enshrine the adopted Universal Symbol, and simplify labeling requirements for cannabinoids to ensure consumers can make informed choices.”


The CREAMM Act requires that the CRC’s 2021 rules be adopted, amended, or readopted prior to an expiration date that takes place on August 19, 2022.  But a notice of proposed readoption extended the expiration date to February 15, 2023. Public input collected during the 60-day comment period may have an actual effect on the rules as they are currently written.

New Jersey 101.5 reports that some of the new changes include reformulated classes of licenses for delivery and manufacturing operations. Local lawyer Todd Polyniak, from Parsippany-based Sax LLP, provided some insight.

“You can go from growing it to manufacturing it to wholesaling it to distributing it, and then finally selling it in retail or delivering it to a final customer,” Polyniak said.

He said that problems remain, such as social equity startups that have little time to convert a conditional license into an annual license.

“I think the state still needs to come through with some type of way of funding these startups, especially the social equity startups,” Polyniak said. “They have 120 days plus 45 days to actually execute on that conditional license and convert it into an annual license. So that’s not a whole lot of time to get everything done.”


The full language of the rules and the link to register to provide feedback are available on the website. Residents who wish to comment can register through the CRC’s website.

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New Mexico Cannabis Sales Hit $40 Million in July



State officials in New Mexico announced this week that sales of regulated cannabis topped $40 million in July, setting a new record since legal sales of recreational pot began in the state earlier this year. The Cannabis Control Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department noted the figure tops the monthly purchases of regulated cannabis recorded every month since April, when licensed sales of recreational weed kicked off in the state.

During the month of July, licensed retailers throughout New Mexico reported more than $40 million in cannabis sales, with sales of adult-use cannabis alone topping $23 million. Cannabis sales totaled more than $39 million in April, the first month of legalized recreational sales and the state’s previous record high, with April adult-use sales totaling just over $22 million. New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said that the figures show that a strong market for regulated recreational marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! is being created in the state.

“These numbers show that the impressive sales generated in the first month of legalized recreational cannabis sales were no fluke – and this is only the beginning,” Lujan Grisham said on Thursday in a statement from the governor’s office. “We’ve established a new industry that is already generating millions of dollars in local and state revenue and will continue to generate millions more in economic activity across the state, creating thousands of jobs for New Mexicans in communities both small and large.”


State officials noted that the strongest sales of cannabis were reported in New Mexico’s most populated areas including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Hobbs, and Rio Rancho. Albuquerque saw the highest cannabis sales in the state, with combined adult-use cannabis and medical marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! purchases topping $14 million in July. Santa Fe was next in line, with just under $3.5 million in combined sales last month. Sunland and Hobbs, two cities on the border with Texas, where recreational pot is still illegal, each recorded more than $1 million in adult-use cannabis sales.

New Cannabis Products Helping To Drive Sales

Rusty Poe, the manager of Sol Cannabis in Las Cruces, told local media that sales at his shop keep increasing.

“Sales have actually been steadily increasing for us, the more product we bring in the more sales we have,” said Poe, noting that new products on the dispensary menu including cannabis-infused beverages and edibles have helped fuel the uptick in sales.

New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ben Lewinger said that the state’s cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! sales figures are a victory for New Mexico and its growing industry.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my home state,” said Lewinger. “The Cannabis Regulation Act presented what felt like an impossible timeline to stand up a brand new adult use cannabis industry, yet here (we) are – four months into legal cannabis for folks over 21 and we have record sales, for not only adult use but also our cherished medical cannabis program. …Best of all, no one city or county owns this success — the industry will continue to grow across the entire state.”


Since regulated sales of adult-use cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! began in April, dispensaries have rung up more than $88 million in recreational pot sales. The CannabisThis post contains affiliate links! Control Division releases sales numbers monthly, with data made available at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

New Mexico’s rising sales of adult-use cannabis are a boon for the public coffers as well as the state’s cannabis industry. New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department spokesman Charlie Moore said cannabis excise tax returns totaled close to $2.5 million in June. The amount of tax generated by sales of cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! in July will be released by the agency in late August.

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Former NBA Player Iman Shumpert Arrested in Texas for Cannabis Possession



Former NBA athlete Iman Shumpert, known for playing on teams such as the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, and Brooklyn Nets, and also the Dancing With the Stars Season 30 champion was arrested for cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! possession last week while traveling.

Shumpert was in possession of 6.2 ounces of cannabis in his luggage on July 30 while going through security at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on his way to Los Angeles. According to the Associated Press, the DFW Airport Department of Public Safety, this was a “sizeable amount of marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links!.” The police also reported that Shumpert had a Glock magazine with 14 nine-millimeter rounds, but no firearm, in his bag as well, however this is not currently a part of the charge.

The police report stated that Shumpert told officers that he had cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! in his bag, and “asked if there was any way he could make his flight” so he could arrive on time and pick up one of his daughters.


However, police told him no, and arrested him for felony possession instead.

In Texas, recreational cannabis is illegal and medical cannabis is only permitted under specific circumstances. Currently, possession of more than four ounces (but less than five pounds) of cannabis is a state jail felony. If Shumpert is convicted, the charge could net him up to two years imprisonment and up to a $10,000 fine.

It’s a cautionary tale for anyone planning to travel with cannabis. Many airports in legal states have loosened restrictions for cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! possession. Earlier this year in Canada, one airport was considering allowing a cannabis dispensary on-site. Airports in Chicago installed cannabis amnesty boxes in 2020 for travelers to drop their cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! in prior to their flights. In 2018, Los Angeles International Airport changed its policy to allow cannabis possession at the airport—but not on an actual flight.

Earlier this year in January, rapper Vic Mensa was caught with 124 grams of psilocybin capsules, 178 grams of psilocybin gummies, six grams of psilocybin mushrooms, and 41 grams LSD, while at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia after returning from Ghana. He was charged with felony narcotics possession. Despite this, Vic Mensa recently launched his own cannabis brand in Chicago, Illinois called 93 Boyz.

Traveling with cannabis abroad has proven to be dangerous, such as the case of WNBA athlete Brittney Griner, who was detained in Russia in February for possession of vape cartridges. Although she claimed the cannabis was being used for medical purposes, and she holds a medical cannabis card in the U.S., Russian judges concluded on August 4 that she is guilty of her charges and has been sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison. Reports have shared that the U.S. is in talks with Russian officials for a potential prisoner swap in order bring Griner home. Last week, the Biden administration made an offer to exchange Russian prisoner Viktor Bout for Griner, as well as another American, Paul Whelan, who has been imprisoned on espionage charges since 2018.


“I want to apologize to my teammates, my club, my fans and the city of (Yekaterinburg) for my mistake that I made and the embarrassment that I brought on them,” Griner said after the charge was issued, according to the Associated Press. “I want to also apologize to my parents, my siblings, the Phoenix Mercury organization back at home, the amazing women of the WNBA, and my amazing spouse back at home.”

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California Bill To Bar Employment Urine and Hair Drug Tests for Cannabis Advances



A bill that would add protections to employees in California who consume cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! off the clock is advancing and could head to the Senate floor shortly. The bill would disallow job discrimination from employers, in most cases, based on urine or hair tests that detect only inactive metabolites of THC.

Urine or hair tests only can detect inactive metabolites of THC days or weeks later, making them a poor indicator of impairment—or even recent use. The bill would still allow the use of oral swab or computer-based performance tests—which is actually a more reliable indicator of recent use or impairment.

While Assembly Bill 2188 would protect employees in California who smoke off the clock from inaccurate drug testing formats, it would continue to allow an employer to take action against employees who are impaired on the clock. There are also exemptions, of course, for federal workers and construction workers.


The bill is supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), California Nurses Association, CA Board of Registered Nursing, and UDW/AFSCME Local 3930. In addition, the California Employment Lawyers Association, United CannabisThis post contains affiliate links! Business Association, Cannabis Equity Policy Council, Americans for Safe Access, and California Cannabis Industry Association, also support the bill.

Employers generally don’t test for THC—only for THC metabolites, the waste product of THC, which urine tests and hair tests look at. Urine tests are not a reliable indicator of impairment based on THC metabolites, nor do they have any value for employers who might have bigger things to worry about, such as alcoholism or opioid abuse. 

“This whole piss-testing regime is really the result of government fraud in the first place,” California NORML Director Dale Gieringer tells High Times. “There was never any good evidence that piss testing, in particular looking for metabolites, had anything to do with public safety.”

It’s nothing more than a remnant of the Reagan-era Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which picked up amid the peak of “Just Say No” fever.

Gieringer continues, “There’s never been an FDA study to show that that’s true. I mean, if I had a new drug, or medical device, that I said, ‘If you give this to your employees, they will have fewer accidents, and they’ll be more reliable and better employees.’ If I had such a medical device, or drug, the FDA would require me to do doubleblind controlled clinical studies proving that that’s the case.”


“That was never, ever done for urine testing. It was basically a scam by former Reagan drug officials who—after leaving the government—went into the urine-testing business, and were well-connected, in general, with the government, who sort of decided that it would be profitable to require these tests a long time ago—the late ‘80s. And so we’re just putting an end to that fraud.”

California NORML issued a press release, urging Californians to reach out to their state senators. “Scientific studies have failed to show that urine testing is effective at preventing workplace accidents. Numerous studies have found that workers who test positive for metabolites have no higher risk of workplace accidents.”

“Ironically, under current drug testing rules, workers may use addictive opiates for medical use, but are forbidden to use medical cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, which has been shown to reduce opiate use,” Gieringer continued.

The California Assembly approved the bill, as well as the Senate Judiciary and Labor committees, and the bill was assigned to the Appropriations suspense file.


In the event that the bill is approved at a committee hearing on August 11, it will move to the Senate floor for a vote. California NORML is urging residents to write a letter to your state senator in support of AB 2188.

Twenty-one states currently have laws protecting employment rights for medical cannabis users, and five states (Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Montana and Connecticut) plus several cities (New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City MO, Rochester NY and Richmond VA) protect recreational cannabis consumers’ employment rights,” added Cal NORML Deputy Director Ellen Komp. “California, a global leader in progressive causes, still has no protections for its workers who consume cannabis. It’s high time to change that and protect California’s workers.”

California could be next on the list to provide protections for employees who consume cannabis off the clock.

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The Highest Yielding Strains • Uncategorized



Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Cannabis. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this herb has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a full-blown stoner, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new strains to try. And what better place to find them than the highest yielding strains?

So sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. We’ve scoured the internet and identified the top 10 highest yielding cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! strains out there. So whether you’re looking for a new strain to grow or just want to know what’s out there, this is the list for you!

The Highest Yielding Strains: An Introduction

If you’re looking to produce a large quantity of cannabis, you need to start with high-yielding strains. These strains have been specifically bred to produce large amounts of buds (the flowers of the female cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! plant that contain the THC). To give you an idea of the potential yield, some of the highest yielding strains can produce up to 700g per plant! But remember, the actual yield will depend on a number of factors such as growing conditions, experience and luck.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the highest yielding strains available. We will also provide some tips on how to maximize your yield potential.

So, if you’re ready to start growing cannabis for its medicinal or recreational properties, read on for our guide to high yield seeds.


The Top 10 Highest Yielding Strains

In general, there are three types of cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! strains – indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Out of these, indica plants are shorter with leaves that are wider and denser. They grow faster and have a higher yield as compared to the other two types. If you’re looking for a list of the highest yielding indica strains, here it is:

  1. Blue Cheese – This strain has a high yield of up to 550 grams per square meter. It is a hybrid of 60% indica and 40% sativa.
  2. Northern Lights – A classic indica strain that has won many awards, Northern Lights has a yield of 500-600 grams per square meter.
  3. White Widow – One of the most popular strains out there, White Widow has a yield of 450-500 grams per square meter.
  4. Master Kush – A pure indica strain, Master Kush has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  5. OG Kush – Another popular strain, OG Kush has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  6. Granddaddy Purple – A purple-colored strain, Granddaddy Purple has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  7. Chocolate Diesel – As the name suggests, this strain has a chocolatey flavor and aroma with diesel undertones. It has a yield of 350-450 grams per plant outdoors and 500-550 grams per square meter indoors.
  8. Blackberry Kush – A hybrid of 80% indica and 20% sativa, Blackberry Kush has a sweet berry flavor with earthy undertones. It has a yield of 300-400 grams per plant outdoors and 450-500 grams per square meter indoors..

9.-10 Blue Mystic – A mostly indica hybrid , it produces dense buds tinged blue with violet hues . The flowering time is only 8 weeks , making it one great choice for first time growers 350 – 400 g/m2

The Benefits of Growing High Yielding Strains

When it comes to cannabis, more is often better. More yield, more THC, more CBD, etc. There are many factors that affect a plant’s yield, from the grower’s technique to the strain itself. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the latter by discussing the highest yielding strains available.

While there are many different ways to measure a strain’s yield, we’ll be using grams per square meter (g/m²) as our metric. This is a widely used standard that allows for easy comparison between strains. With that said, let’s jump right in!

  1. Green Crack: First on our list is Green Crack, a sativa-dominant hybrid with explosive yields of up to 625 g/m². This strain is known for being easy to grow and resistant to mold and pests, making it a great choice for first-time growers. Green Crack is also relatively fast-flowering for a sativa, with a typical flowering time of 9 weeks.
  2. Blue Dream: Another popular strain among growers, Blue Dream yields an impressive 600 g/m² indoors and even more when grown outdoors. This hybrid is perfect for beginners as it’s easy to grow and relatively resistant to common problems like mold and pests. Blue Dream has a sweet berry aroma and Flavoring , making it a great choice for those looking for something different .
  3. 3 . Granddaddy Purple: Next on our list is Granddaddy Purple , A classic indica strain with deep purple buds , This ganja produces yields of up to 550 g/m² . Granddaddy Purple is loved by growers for its ease of cultivation and tolerance of cold weather .This potent indica has high THC levels , averaging at around 20% . However , its CBD levels are rather low , typically around 1% .
  4. 4 . Trainwreck: A potent sativa-dominant hybrid , Trainwreck yields up to 525 g/m² indoors. It’s one of the easier strains to grow , making it a good choice for beginner growers . Trainwreck has high THC levels , averaging at 21% . However , its CBD levels are rather low , typically below 1% . This strain gets its name from its mind-bending effects that “wreck” your train of thought . 5 . White Widow: Last but not least on our list is White Widow , A world-famous hybrid that was first introduced in the 1990s White Widow is still one of the most popular strains today due to its impressive yields (up to 500 g/m² indoors) and relatively short flowering time (usually around 8 weeks) This well-balanced hybrid has moderate THC levels (around 18%) and low CBD levels (around 0.5%)


The Drawbacks of Growing High Yielding Strains

Crosses between different varieties of cannabis can lead to unpredictable results. A hybrid can take on characteristics from either parent, or be significantly different from both. This is why many growers prefer to work with purebred strains, which are more likely to produce predictably uniform offspring.

However, some growers prefer to work with high yielding strains, even though they may be less predictable. High yielding strains are those that produce more buds, and thus more yield, per plant. While there are some drawbacks to growing high yielding strains, the increased yield may be worth the extra effort for some growers.


Drawbacks of Growing High Yielding Strains

  1. Increased likelihood of hermaphroditism.
  2. Increased likelihood of problems with nutrient deficiency and excess.
  3. More difficult to control the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity).
  4. Requires more experience and knowledge to grow successfully.

How to Grow the Highest Yielding Strains

The term “highest yielding strains” can be a bit misleading. There are many variables that come into play when growing cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, and yield is only one of them. That being said, there are certain strains that have a reputation for being high yielding, and if you’re looking to maximize your harvest, these are the ones you should be growing. Purchase from United Cannabis Seeds if you are looking for a reputable seed bank.

Here are some tips for growing the highest yielding strains:

-Choose a strain that is known to produce high yields. Some good options include White Widow, Northern Lights, and G-13.

-Make sure you are growing in optimal conditions. This includes using quality soil and nutrients, providing adequate light and ventilation, and maintaining a consistent temperature.

-Train your plants early on. This will help them to grow more horizontal branches which will in turn produce more buds.


-Be patient! Don’t try to rush the process by harvesting early. Allow your plants to mature fully so that they reach their maximum potential yield.

– Search for high yield seeds from a reputable us seed bank that has great reviews on TrustPilot and Google

Tips for Growing High Yielding Strains

Every grower wants to get the most they can out of their harvest, and there are many ways to increase yield. One method is to choose high yielding strains, and this can be done by doing some research on the best strains for yield. You can also talk to experienced growers or dispensary staff members for recommendations. Another way to increase yield is by using techniques like topping, which is when you remove the growing tip of the plant to encourage it to grow lateral branches. These branches will then produce more flowers or buds.

Here are some tips for growing high yielding strains:

-Do your research: As mentioned, part of growing high yield strains is choosing the right ones. Make sure to do your research on different strains and find out which ones have the highest yields. You can ask other growers, dispensary staff, or look up information online.


-Topping: Remove the growing tip of the plant (the main stem) to encourage lateral branching. This will result in more flowers or buds. Topping is typically done once the plant has reached a certain height, so make sure to do some research on when to top your particular strain.

-Fertilize: Make sure to fertilize your plants regularly with a quality fertilizer. This will ensure that they have all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong, and ultimately produce more buds or flowers.

-Prune: Pruning involves removing dead or dying leaves and branches from your plants. This allows them to focus their energy on producing new growth, which can lead to increased yields.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing high yielding strains that will give you a bountiful harvest!

The Bottom Line on High Yielding Strains

So, which strains give the highest yields? As a general rule, indica strains tend to produce more buds (and therefore greater yields) than sativas. This is because indicas tend to be shorter and bushier than sativas, with more nodes (where leaves and flowers grow) along their stems.


FAQs About High Yielding Strains

Q: how many pounds per plant can I expect?

Answer: It really depends on the individual strain, however most high yielding strains will produce 1-2 lbs per plant. Some may even produce up to 3 lbs!

Q: What are some good high yielding strains?

Answer: Some of our favorite high yielding strains include White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, and Granddaddy Purple.



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Oregon Psilocybin Rules Set To Be Finalized in December



The Oregon Health Authority’s Oregon Psilocybin Services Section is currently working on finalizing a regulatory framework to manage psilocybin legalization. While currently partnering with the Psilocybin Advisory Board, these rules are expected to be released by Dec. 31, 2022, as license applications will open up starting on Jan. 2, 2023.

The culmination of regulating psilocybin is two years in the making, according to Angie Allbee, a Section Manager for Oregon Psilocybin Services. “Ballot Measure 109, otherwise known as the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, was passed by Oregon voters in November of 2020,” Allbee told KGW8. “What it did was create a licensing and regulatory framework for the production of psilocybin products and the provision of psilocybin services in Oregon. This is available to individuals 21 years of age or older, that would like to access psilocybin services. It does not need a prescription or a referral from a provider.”

These rules will be the first of its kind in the country, and could serve as a template for other states who follow suit.


Allbee clarified that under these rules, patients can’t just take home psilocybin as medication, but they will consume it in a controlled environment while being monitored by licensed practitioners. “Psilocybin products will be sold to the clients, and that’s where the psilocybin services, the actual journey takes place,” Allbee said.

Psychotherapist Tom Eckert, who has long been a psilocybin advocate, has been an integral part of supporting psilocybin services for Oregon patients. KGW8 mentioned that he and his late wife have campaigned for access since 2015.

Eckert explained that the process is unique. “Most of the action is internal and that can be different for different folks because we come to this experience with our own stuff,” said Eckert. “So that’s kind of the neat thing about psilocybin and the experience of psilocybin as a therapeutic agent, it kind of goes where it needs to go.”

Ultimately, Eckert believes that the success of the entire program hinges on specialists who can help treat the individual needs of each patient. “I’ve always thought that the beating heart of this whole program is the practitioners, the facilitators,” Eckert said, “We need competent, trained practitioners to really understand this specific modality.”

While officials finalize these details, there are some cities in Oregon that do not want to allow psilocybin services. The Clackamas County Commissioners voted in July to temporarily ban psilocybin, and voters in Linn County will be able to vote on an approval to also ban psilocybin later this year in November.


 On a larger scale, “Right to Try Clarification Act” was recently introduced by Sen. Cory Booker and Rand Paul. If passed, restrictions for substances that are included in the Controlled Substances Act would not apply to psilocybin and MDMA, as long as a Phase 1 clinical trial has been completed. In action, this would allow terminally ill patients the opportunity to use these substances for medical treatment. “As a physician, I know how important Right to Try is for patients facing a life-threatening condition,” Paul said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the federal bureaucracy continues to block patients seeking to use Schedule I drugs under Right to Try. I’m proud to lead this bipartisan legislation with Sen. Booker that will get government out of the way and give doctors more resources to help patients.”

Psilocybin, like cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, is quickly being accepted as a medical treatment alternative. Numerous studies have released, and suggest evidence that psilocybin can act as an anti-depressant. Another study from July claims that it can boost “mood and health.” Another study based on South Africa in June found that it was especially effective in women with HIV and depression.

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