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U.S. Virgin Islands Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis



On Jan. 18, a signing ceremony was held to document Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. signing The Virgin Islands Cannabis Use Act (Act 8680), and proclaiming that anyone who has been convicted with simple cannabis possession is invited to apply for a pardon.

“From the beginning of the Bryan-Roach Administration, we have worked towards the legalization of the adult use of cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, and today, with the hard work of the members of the 34th Legislature and prior Legislatures and the efforts of my team, we are finally here and finally signing into law the Virgin Islands CannabisThis post contains affiliate links! Use Act,” Bryan said in a press release. “This Act incorporates key aspects of my original proposal, such as one streamlined regulatory scheme for both medicinal and adult use, enforcement powers for the Office of Cannabis Regulation, entrepreneurship and job opportunities for Virgin Islands residents, and the creation of a revenue stream to help fund critical Government initiatives and operations.”

The law allows adults over 21 to possess up to two ounces of cannabis, 14 grams of concentrates, and one ounce of cannabis products (defined as edibles, ointments, or tinctures). It also includes the requirement to create an Office of Cannabis Regulation, limitations on business licenses and permits, allowances for those who use cannabis as a sacrament, direction for cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! sales tax funds to benefit community programs, and more.


At the ceremony, Bryan mentioned his experience traveling to Colorado in November with a number of other lawmakers to see firsthand how the cannabis industry thrives. “By traveling to Denver and meeting and speaking with individuals involved in all aspects of the industry from regulators, to law enforcement officers, to cultivators, manufacturers and dispensary owners, it is my hope that the individuals involved with the roll-out of this industry have learned best practices and what to avoid as we work to create this industry in the Virgin Islands,” Bryan continued.

He also addressed President Joe Biden’s announcement from October 2022 regarding expungement for citizens who were convicted of simple cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! possession. “Today, I proclaim that all criminal convictions for the simple possession of marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! under the Virgin Islands Code are fully and completely pardoned,” Bryan announced. “My office estimates that approximately 300 individuals have been convicted of the simple possession of marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! in the last 20 years.”

Anyone convicted with simple cannabis possession in the U.S. Virgin Islands may now apply for a pardon with the Depart of Justice. For those who were convicted of up to two ounces of cannabis, the Virgin Islands Cannabis Use Act and the Expungement Act automatically expunges their record. However, Bryan recommends that the best way to ensure that the expungement goes through is to apply anyway. “Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you, go out and grab them,” he said.

Like many states, it has taken some time for the U.S. Virgin Islands to establish both a medical and adult-use program. While residents voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2014, it wasn’t until 2019 that Bryan signed the act into law. Draft rules for the territory’s medical cannabis program were published in August 2022.

On Dec. 30, 2022, the U.S. Virgin Islands Senate passed Act 8680 bill in a 11-1 vote. The bill made its way to Bryan’s desk on Jan. 9, allowing him 10 days to make a decision to sign the bill, veto it, or to let it take effect without his signature. Bryan signed the bill just one day before the deadline.


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Tennessee Bill Would Regulate the Sale of Delta-8 THC



Tennessee leaders are again putting forth a bill that would regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 and delta-10 THC, after a previous attempt failed last year. Some hemp advocates applauded the bill, while others would rather simply legalize cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, naturally rich in delta-9 THC.

State House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) and Sen. Richard Briggs, (R-Knoxville) introduced a bill on Tuesday to regulate products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as delta-8 and delta-10 THC—his second attempt to do so.

House Bill 403 would tax and regulate cannabinoids derived from hemp via what some describe as synthetic processes. Typically products with delta-8 THC are marketed as being somewhat psychoactive, with effects weaker but similar to delta-9 THC.


“Delta-8 is a legal substance that can be sold and packaged in the form of candy or gummies; it often has a very high concentration of THC,” Rep. Lamberth stated. “There are no regulations and no legitimate way for anyone to know exactly what they are buying. Nothing in our current law prohibits a child from purchasing delta-8.”

The bill would ban the sale of hemp-derived cannabinoidThis post contains affiliate links! products to people under the age of 21; adds a 5% additional sales tax to any product sold at a store; and create a licensing, quality testing, regulatory and enforcement process through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

“We need to regulate this because the horse is out of the barn,” Sen. Briggs said. “This stuff is everywhere, and we can’t put that genie back in the bottle.”

What is Delta-8 THC?

The idea is that hemp-derived CBD can be converted to other compounds, frequently being marketed as psychoactive. This doesn’t mesh with the general U.S. definition of hemp, bred specifically to not be psychoactive.

Delta-8 THC occurs naturally, but only in trace amounts: According to Chemical & Engineering News, cannabis plants naturally contain just 0.1% delta-8 THC or less—though some plants contain as much as 1%. Jeffrey Raber, cofounder and CEO of the Werc Shop told C&E News that there isn’t enough delta-8 THC found naturally in hemp to be economical for extraction.


But hemp growers in the state are supportive of the bill despite some suspicion about emerging hemp-derived cannabinoids. “We support anything that doesn’t put burdensome regulations on the industry,” Kelley Hess, executive director of the Tennessee Growers Coalition, said.

While hemp growers may support delta-8 products, others do not.

Artists such as Margo Price support legalization, but don’t support hemp-derived cannabinoidThis post contains affiliate links! products in Tennessee. Opponents don’t like the way certain cannabinoids are extracted from hemp, which usually means altering the CBD molecule, which is found in hemp in larger amounts, using natural solvents and acids.

Attempt to Regulate Delta-8 Last Year

While some states moved to restrict hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as Utah, Tennessee would be taking a much different approach by regulating it instead.


Rep. Lamberth sponsored an earlier attempt to regulate delta-8 THC and similar compounds. Some Tennessee lawmakers and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said that by regulating delta-8, the state would be legitimizing the industry. 

House Bill 1927, which was introduced previously, would regulate delta-8 by making it illegal in most cases outside trace-level concentrations. The bill was amended in April 2022 to be more specific to include other hemp-derived THCs such as delta-9 and 10 and the derivative hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), but exclude non-THC hemp cannabinoids such as CBD.

Tennessee is one of 11 non-green states that hasn’t legalized, regulated, or decriminalized cannabis in some form. 

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How to Buy Vape Juice? • Uncategorized



Vaping was intended to be a fad, but the trend persisted as people saw how convenient and fun it was to ingest nicotine through a vape.

Vape items are now readily available in-store and online, thanks to the remarkable growth of the vapeThis post contains affiliate links! and e-juice markets. One of the simplest methods to obtain high-quality items without going to specialized stores or dealing with lengthy lineups at the neighborhood shop is to purchase online. But before you select and buy vape juice from online vendors, check the following factors.


Do Your Research

VapingThis post contains affiliate links! is a relatively new industry, with many different brands and flavors. The first step to choosing the right one is doing your research.

  • Look at reviews: You can find reviews on the specific flavor you’re interested in and the overall quality of their juices. Suppose one reviewer says that they found a flavor too sweet, or another says it was lacking in flavor altogether. This may give you insight into how well-liked that particular flavor or brand is.
  • Look at ingredients: If ingredients concern you, familiarize yourself with those used in each vapeThis post contains affiliate links! juice before purchasing them. Some companies will include an ingredient list, while others may not unless explicitly asked for it.

You can also contact them directly through their social media channels if need be!

Check Out the Ingredients

When you are shopping for vape juice, there are a few things to consider. You want to ensure the ingredients are safe and won’t cause long-term health problems. That means checking the ingredients list first. If you have allergies or sensitivities, avoid products with artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame. Also, if you have a sensitive throat or allergies to menthol, opt for e-juice without it!


Try Different Flavors

Once you have decided on the type of vape juice you want, it’s time to pick a flavor. Unlike cigarettes, where you smoke the same brand every day, with e-cigarettes, there is no need to stick to only one flavor or brand. You can try several flavors in different nicotine levels and see which one works best for your needs.



Shop Around for Diverse Offers

You can also look for various offers that can save you money on your purchase. The best way to do this is by looking for deals and discounts. You can find coupons or promo codes that will help reduce your product’s price. If there’s a particular brand or flavor that you’re interested in but are unsure if it’ll suit your needs, it’s always worth checking out their website or social media pages to see if they offer free samples so that you can test their products before committing yourself fully.


Another great way to get a quality product at an affordable price is by ensuring that the company behind it delivers free shipping options and returns/exchanges within 30 days of purchase (which many reputable brands do).



Make Sure Your Juice is Protein-Free

If you’re sensitive to protein, your vapeThis post contains affiliate links! juice mustn’t contain any. While most e-liquid manufacturers follow FDA regulations and use only ingredients approved by the agency, others may not be as diligent.



Since it was first offered as a more advantageous substitute for tobacco cigarettes, vapeThis post contains affiliate links! juice has advanced significantly. Nowadays, you can even find them flavored with different fruit or spices. In addition, they are available in many different colors and flavors so that you can choose one that suits your taste buds best.





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What Are the Health Benefits of CBD? • Uncategorized



CBD oil is often made from the cannabis plant. After the extraction, it’s diluted with oil, such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil, among the over 100 chemical compounds (cannabinoids) found in Cannabis sativa, a cannabis plant.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a critical psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!. It makes it more sensitive to getting high, which is always associated with cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!. But CBD isn’t psychoactive like THCThis post contains affiliate links!.

Today, CBD has been credited for its numerous health benefits. It’s now found in several products: foods, drinks, bath soaks, and dietary supplements and you can buy CBD in France.

3 Health Benefits of CBD

There are several benefits to CBD oils and products. Also, a cbd oil full spectrum has a lot of health benefits. Below are some of them.

Reduces diabetic complications 

There have been several tests on human cells. It was deduced that CBD is effective in easing the effects of high levels of glucose, especially on other cells in the body. It often precedes the growth of diabetes as well as other complications.


It was revealed by researchers that CBD offers a significant positive effect on patients with diabetes, plaque buildup in artery walls, and diabetic complications.

Mitigates symptoms of ALS 

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) often causes nerve cells in the brain to deteriorate. It also affects the spinal cord. The result is a loss of muscular coordination. The condition gets worse over time.

The reason why ALS occurs is yet to be understood. However, some cases showed it to be hereditary. So far, there hasn’t been a cure for this ailment. People with PTSD will significantly benefit from a combination of CBD and THCThis post contains affiliate links!.

Tackles select epilepsy syndromes.

There have been several cases where CBD has helped treat epileptic seizures. The FDA approved the use of CBD in 2018. It was done under Epidiolex (a brand name), which was used for treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome seizures. These are rare kinds of epilepsy. Patients must be at least two years old before they can use it.


CBD products have been helpful for some years now. Apart from health benefits, it is also useful in the beauty industry. Finally, you can buy CBD tea and the best flowers CBD in France from online stores.


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Nike Challenges Trademark of Hemp Company Slogan ‘Just Hemp It’



Nike is one of the largest footwear and athletic gear companies in the world, known for its familiar slogan “Just Do It.” The company recently issued a trademark complaint on Jan. 18 against a Texas-based CBD company called Revive Farming Technologies, who filed to use the trademark “Just Hemp It” on Dec. 16, 2019.

“JUST DO IT … which has been in use in commerce for more than 30 years, and registered for more than 25 years, is famous within the meaning of Lanham Act Section 43(c), 15 USC § 1125(c),” Nike stated. It is asking the Patent and Trademark Office and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to deny Revive’s attempt to trademark the phrase “Just Hemp It.”

Nike argues that it owns multiple trademark registrations for the “Just Do It” mark, describing it as “widely recognized and famous,” and that the Revive should not be allowed to trademark “Just Hemp It” because it would lead to confusion and cause injury and damage to Nike.


According to Green Market Report (GMR), Revive already features the phrase on its website followed with a trademark symbol. GMR also states that the website contains language that makes unauthorized medical claims about CBD.

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign first launched in 1988 by the late Dan Wieden, who has successfully launched other slogan campaigns for companies like Old Spice, Procter and Gamble, and Coca Cola. Apparently Wieden said that “Just Do It” was inspired by the final words of an inmate on death row, who said “You know, let’s do it” before his execution.

Nike has led successful trademark complaints against other companies attempting to use variations of “Just Do It” in the past. In 1992, Nike targeted a company called “Just Did It,” which also sold athletic gear, for trademark infringement. In 2020, Nike went after a business for using “Just Believe It.” More recently, a small business owner who started a succulent shop called JustSuccIt in 2020, was also contacted by Nike regarding trademark infringement.

This hasn’t been an uncommon trend in the cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! industry either. In August 2017, the glue company known as Gorilla Glue took Gorilla Glue Strains to court. The results meant that strains known as Gorilla Glue #1 or Gorilla Glue #4 would be referred to as GG1 or GG4. 

In February 2018, The Hershey Co. began suing cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! companies for copyright infringement, and targeted both the Oakland-based Harborside dispensary and a California edibles company called Good Girl Cannabis Co. for selling items with similar Hershey product branding.


UPS targeted cannabis delivery services that were using its acronym, such as United Pot Smokers, UPS420, and THCPlant in February 2019. 

Later in August 2019, Sour Patch Kids targeted illegal cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! products like Stoney Patch for infringing upon the trademark as well. Cinnabon took on a vape company in October 2019 for selling an e-liquid using the brand’s name, just one month before the Center for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that vaping lung injuries were being caused by vitamin E acetate in November 2019.

More recently in August 2022, Mars Wrigley won a lawsuit against cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! companies using the logo font and colors to sell illegal edibles. “I have placed significant weight on the issue of harm not only to the Plaintiff but also to members of the public who might accidentally consume the Defendants’ Infringing Product believing it to be a genuine SKITTLES product. The fact that SKITTLES are a confectionary product that are attractive to children reinforces the need to denounce the Defendants’ conduct,” said Judge Patrick Gleeson in his ruling.

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The Perfect Canadian Cannabis Road Trip



From the nation’s capital, through its largest city, and all the way to the border of the US, we’ve compiled the perfect road trip to maximize all that lower Ontario has to offer, with stops for cannabis along the way.

We’ve aimed to compile the type of large, grandiose, moving experiences that pair particularly well with a cannabis vibe, but rest assured, these are but a small sampling of what Canada has to offer.

Before you hit the road

Be safe!

First and foremost, don’t drive high. It’s illegal, and a risk to your safety and the safety of others. None of these drive times are more than 3 hours, which leaves you plenty of time to toke and partake after you’ve arrived. So our first road trip tip is: obey the rules and travel safely.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have all your needed directions, reservations and pit stops planned before you take off. A little bit of planning can save you a lot of headache down the road. However, this is true both for travel and cannabis accommodations.

Some of these activities can easily be accompanied by a quick smoke sesh, but others might be more suited for cannabis edibles, or a relaxing topical. And nothing is worse than having the cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! you want but not the right accessories. Be sure to plan your items in accordance with the stops on your trip. This might include things like remembering your dab pen or other accessories like lighters, wraps, and vaporizers.


Be flexible

Ontario has so much going on, there’s no way to see it all in one trip. Even with everything planned down to a T, it’s likely that some things will be out of your control. Tourist attractions sometimes close unexpectedly, tickets often sell out. What you thought was open this season actually opens some time down the line… Don’t fret! Keeping in line with the spirit of a cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!-forward trip sometimes means going with the flow. Take a beat, gather your headspace, and look for something else fun to do, it’s likely not too far away.

Ottawa – From the Capital

Parliament Hill

You’re starting in the nation’s capital, so you might as well see how it all works. What might appear to some as mundane actually holds a buffet of mystery and intrigue. The entire country is led from here. If you think that’s boring, it might be worth revisiting a few seasons of House of Cards to remind yourself what crazy antics politicians of any country get up to.

Canada has an incredibly lush history (for better and worse), and you’re standing at the center of it. If your sense of patriotism is waning, remind yourself that you’re in a country that legalized cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, and that alone is enough to celebrate (perhaps with a visit to an Ottawa cannabis store before your tour).

You’re standing where it all went down, so why not take a visit, be it in the house of commons or the senate. It’s an excellent primer for all of the uniquely Canadian sites you’re about to see on the trip, so whether you’re there for interest, intrigue, adventure or just plain old nostalgia, start at the heart of the Great White North.

The National Gallery

Now that you’re chock-full of national pride and admiration, it’s time to go see some of the greatest output Canada has to offer. Kick things off in high-class style with a visit to the national gallery. The building alone is awe-inspiring and quite fitting for the many priceless displays of Canadian genius housed within. Though the gallery features works from all over the world, its primary focus is on Canadian art and artists, giving it a unique lens that you’ll find nowhere else.


The synergy between cannabis and art is so well established that it feels redundant to mention here; we feel confident that it goes without saying. The setting alone feels imbued with a certain kind of magic and the artwork is already as elevated as you can imagine, so a bit of cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! just feels like fitting in. Also, just a tip, this is a great setting for the slow, ongoing release of THC found in edibles.

The next leg of your trip is a roughly 2 hour drive to Kingston! Not too bad, and an easy enough trek even after a long day of touristing.

Kingston – To the Coast

Thousand Islands

You know what might be the only thing that pairs better with cannabis than art? Nature. This collection of 1,864 small islands is a short ride from Kingston, and features dozens and dozens of natural wonders to take in. If you have your passport handy, you can cross the Thousand Islands International Bridge into New York, or just take your time exploring the many things the Ontario side has to offer. This stunning, picturesque part of Canada is a true gem to behold.

There are few places like it in the world, and even fewer (if any) in the country, so it’s not to be missed! Cannabis pairs well with the lilting rhythms of the tide and restful vibe. Also, if you’re into the more thrill-seeking side of vacationing, there’s plenty to get excited about, be it on a zip line or a jet ski. Whatever your trip is craving, it’s likely to be found on one of these beautiful island getaways.

After your relaxing stop among the islands, you’re in for a beautiful 3-hour drive along the coast down to the big city. Just enough time to enjoy the views.


Toronto – To the City

CN Tower

Okay, large buildings that are famous for being large and little else are a common tourist-attraction trope (see: the Space Needle, Willis Tower, etc.), but let’s be honest, they are still cool, especially when they feature a revolving restaurant. The CN tower is an iconic part of Toronto’s city skyline, and it’s flat out fun to spend some time hanging out there while taking in vistas of the city.

If you’re going to do some high sightseeing, this is among the highest you can be. Also, for when the munchies hit, did we mention the revolving restaurant!? I’m surprised we aren’t having dinner in the CN tower right now, what are we even doing here?

Yonge-Dundas Square

If Toronto fancies itself to be the New York of Canada, then Yonge-Dundas Square is clearly meant to be Times Square. It’s the perfect place to visit after sundown and the lights are in full effect, the electric hum perfectly matching the pitch of a smooth sativa. And if you’re looking to grab some goodies while also experiencing a piece of cannabis history, Fire & Flower’s flagship store in Yonge-Dundas square located in the old Dominion Bank Building is the perfect place to make a pit stop.

Once the munchies set in, there are countless restaurants nearby to sample, or you can grab some snacks and people watch. The city at night can be a spectacle all on its own, and the square is a perfect launching point to all kinds of other attractions in the city. A must-see if you’ve never been.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Yes, we’re recommending you go to two(!) art museums. Why? Because cutting edge art is super cool, that’s why. It’s like if you’re in New York, it’s worth it to see both The Met and MoMA. Both offer completely different experiences. First appreciate the classics, then go see the newest model, ya know? The Art Gallery of Ontario is also a 15-minute walk from Yonge-Dundas square, mentioned above, so it makes for a great continuation to your day without too much transit in between.


Next stop, London (Canada), a 2.5-hour jaunt that shouldn’t weigh you down, even after all the driving you’ve done already. You’ve probably had some time to stretch your legs walking all over Toronto, so take this as a nice time to recoup and gather yourself.


London – A detour to Jolly ol’ England Canada?

Stratford Festival

From London, England, the home of Shakespeare is about a 2-hour drive away, in Stratford upon Avon. In London, Canada, the Stratford Festival is about an hour drive away, in Stratford, Canada. Clear winner? Canada.

The Stratford Festival is among the largest gathering of thespians in the world, and you won’t have to hop across the pond to see it. Each year from April to October, the area is host to dozens of performances from top theatrical talents.

If you’re staying nearby for the event you can stock up at a local store or use Firebird London for super-quick weed delivery — a great way to get in that Shakespearean headspace. The famous playwright is believed to have dabbled in the devil’s lettuce himself, so really, you’re not getting high, you’re simply aiming for historical accuracy.


Windsor – Arrival at the End

The Windsor Riverfront & More

What better way to end your trip than gazing out at the end of the country and beyond. The Windsor waterfront looks out over the Detroit River, beckoning you to further adventure. There’s plenty to do in Windsor as well, from the outdoor sculpture park, to the indoor water park, or countless historical sites in between.

The Canadian Aviation Museum is another odd stop that’s sure to lift your thoughts to lofty heights, daydreaming of taking to the sky as you toke up a cloud. If you used a rental car for your trip, you could always plan to fly back home from here as well, as Windsor has an airport.

With your road trip near an end, take some time to reflect on all of those awesome photos and memories!

One for the Road

Canada is an awe-inspiring place. This road trip will take you through some of its most popular attractions but doesn’t even begin to capture the country in full. We hope you enjoy this trip and take it as inspiration to explore future destinations!



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Nevada Releases Bulletin for Products Affected by Unapproved Pesticide



The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) recently issued a public health and safety bulletin on Jan. 19 regarding the use of an unapproved pesticide. “The CCB was notified that the following cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! and cannabis products had been treated with an unapproved pesticide, Ethephon, at Clark Natural Medicinal Solutions, LLC,” the CCB explained in its bulletin.

Currently, there are no illnesses reported, according to the bulletin.

The pesticide was applied sometime between July 23, 2021 and Jan. 5, 2023, and the CCB instructs consumers to check the labels of the cannabis they purchased (which includes flower, shake or trim, and pre-rolls). “All cannabis products properly sold by a licensed cannabis sales facility should have a product label on the packaging,” the CCB wrote. “The name of the cultivation facility which grew the cannabis and the harvest date can be found on the label, typically near the top.”


The CCB also put together a list of products that may have been affected by the pesticide, including more than 117 edibles, 41 infused pre-rolls, and more than 200 concentrates, sold at 104 dispensaries.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ethephon was discovered in 1965 and registered as a pesticide in 1973. “Ethephon is a plant growth regulator used to promote fruit ripening, abscission, flower induction, and other responses,” the EPA states. “Ethephon is registered for use on a number of food, feed and nonfood crops, greenhouse nursery stock, and outdoor residential ornamental plants, but is used primarily on cotton. Formulations include formulation intermediates and soluble concentrates/liquids.”

The EPA also states that Ethephon can potentially cause severe skin and eye irritation “but otherwise is “moderately acutely toxic.”

The CCB also stated that testing facilities do not currently test for Ethephon specifically. “There is no reason to believe the cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! sales facilities or cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! testing facilities had any knowledge of the use of this unapproved pesticide; Ethephon is not on the list of pesticides the testing facilities must look for, and their test methods are not set up for detection of Ethephon.”

According to the Nevada Department of Agriculture, updated as of August 2022, there are 86 pesticides that are not legally prohibited to be used on cannabis plants. This varies from minimum risk ingredients such as cinnamon, garlic oil, or zinc metal strips to registered pesticides, such as myclobutanil, where “tolerance is monitored.”


Previously, the CCB has only issued a few safety bulletins such as this one. One bulletin was issued in 2020, which addressed failed microbial testing. Three were issued in 2021, involving more failed microbial testing, incorrect THC potency testing, and products that were unable to be verified as tested. Two bulletins were issued in 2022, pertaining to unverifiable testing and mislabeled products.

In addition to these bulletins, the CCB awarded the final licenses for consumption lounges in Nevada in December 2022, half of which were designated for social equity applicants. Funding for consumption lounges were initially approved in August 2021, with regulations approved by legislators in June 2022, such as safety protocols, staff training, and location restrictions. Now, consumption lounges are “likely to open before Summer 2023,” states the CCB.

One judge issued a ruling last year asking that cannabis be removed from the Schedule 1 category of the Controlled Substances Act. In September 2022, Judge Joe Hardy ordered the Nevada Board of Pharmacy to remove cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! from its current schedule designation, because cannabis has been recognized in the Nevada constitution as having medical value. “The constitutional right to use marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! upon the advice of a physician does establish that marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! has an accepted medical use and treatment in the United States,” said Hardy.

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