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The Lowdown On Syria As The New Captagon Narco State



The Mid-East countries might be outwardly against drugs, but that doesn’t mean their people aren’t using, or involved in the trade. From published research showing the growing trend of hash among youth in Saudi Arabia, to Syria and its new position as a Captagon narco state, it kind of seems like the Mid-East, is right in the middle of it all.

What’s a ‘narco state’?

We hear the term ‘narco state’ a lot, particularly when talking about the international drug trade. For those who don’t follow the news, the word ‘narco’ is still pretty out there, what with the array of television shows portraying the lives of famous illicit drug entrepreneurs. But what exactly does it mean? According to collinsdictionary, it’s pretty simply:

“A country in which the illegal trade in narcotic drugs forms a substantial part of the economy.” That certainly paints a picture, but more in depth definitions explain the concept even better. Oxford reference explains it further, saying,


“A nation state whose government, judiciary, and military have been effectively infiltrated by drug cartels, or where the illegal drug trade is covertly run by elements of the government. It can also refer to a region under the control of organized crime for the purposes of producing or trafficking drugs where legitimate political authority is absent.”

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It then goes on to explain that the term “‘Narco state’ is more a journalistic phrase than an entity under international law. It has been used to describe Colombia, Guinea-Bissau, Suriname, and Mexico at various times….”

Basically, a narco state refers to a situation whereby those who control the drug trade, also hold a substantial power in governance. This generally undermines the political parties and/or laws of a country, often making such entities look rather powerless in comparison (though they’re often involved). Take Mexico, for example. It’s one of the most well-known examples of a country which is essentially run by its criminal organizations, and where very few people expect the government to do much about it.

A country dubbed a ‘narco state’ can go from being a narco state to a non-narco state if the structure that allows the criminal organizations their power, is fundamentally changed. Likewise, a country not known by this term, can easily become associated with it, if for some reason its drug trade is suddenly elevated. Such is the current case with Syria, as the drug Captagon propels it to narco state status.


What’s Captagon?

A country can become a narco state based on the trade of different drugs. Some of the drugs most responsible for incurring large drug trades, include heroine (opium), cocaine (coca), and cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!. But there are plenty more drugs that rise and fall in popularity, and right now, the Mid-East is home to one of the burgeoning drugs to create a narco state – Captagon.

Captagon – or fenethylline – is a codrug and prodrug of amphetamine, meaning it works well with amphetamine, and breaks down into it within the body. It also goes by the spellings phenethylline and fenetylline, and by the names: amphetamin​oethyl​theophylline and amfetyline. Its been marketed under the names Captagon, Biocapton, and Fitton, as a psychostimulant. And as of now, it comes with no identifiable death toll. At all.

Psychostimulant is a nonspecific word that goes hand in hand with the word ‘uppers’. It applies to drugs that increase activity in the central nervous system, and bring on positive feelings like euphoria. The category includes everything from cocaine, to methamphetamine, to caffeine, to Captagon.

Captagon was first synthesized in 1961 by German chemicals company Degussa AG. For many years it was used as an alternative to amphetamine as it provides a milder response. One of its benefits over amphetamine, is not causing quite as extreme an increase in cardiovascular function. Even as it proved safer than amphetamine, and enjoyed use as a medication for narcolepsy, ADHD, and depression; the US illegalized it, putting in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances list in 1981.

This was followed up in 1986 by the World Health Organization adding it to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, essentially leading to its illegalization in much of the world. And this while amphetamine remained legal, with Schedule II designation in the US. Though the drug certainly exists in many places, it’s found most in the countries of the Middle East. Like most any illicit drug industry, this also means the trafficking and sale of counterfeit Captagon.


As is stands now, Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Captagon consumers, and the majority of the drug gets trafficked in through Syria. The industry has grown so exponentially in the country, that Syria has become a Captagon narco state.

Saudi Arabia biggest Captagon importers
Saudi Arabia biggest Captagon importers

Syria and Captagon

Syria – the Syrian Arab Republic – sits in Western Asia. To its west are the Mediterranean, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel; to its south is Jordon; to its south and east is Iraq; and to its north is also Turkey. Arabs are the largest ethic group in the country, but are joined by Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians, Albanians, and Greeks. The most common religion is Muslim, but there are also plenty of Christians, Alawites, Druze, and Yazidis.

Since March of 2011, there’s been civil war in Syria, mostly because of the leadership of Bashar al-Assad, who took over in 2000, upon the death of his father Hafez al-Assad. The current leadership has been roundly associated with human rights abuses like executions of political prisoners, and wide-ranging censorship. Assad’s rule is challenged by political groups like Syrian Interim Government, Syrian Salvation Government, and Rojava. This civil war has claimed the lives of over a half million people, and led to a refugee crisis involving upwards of seven million displaced residents, and around five million refugees.

All of this is important because it shows the instability of the leadership of the country. Captagon at one point was associated with Islamic State fighters (part of the a militant Islamist group that promotes the Salafi jihadist branch of Sunni Islam), which makes it less surprising that its manufacture and use has spread so far. In fact, this illegal $10 billion/year industry is directly tied to al-Assad…as well as his enemies. According to international French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), Captagon exports dwarf all legal exports out of the country.

Now, to be clear, there are no hard numbers for an illegal drug industry, or at least none that get reported. The size of an illegal industry is approximated through drug busts and seizures. Which realistically means that a country that puts more effort into rooting out drugs and making seizures, could look to have a bigger industry than a country with more drugs, but less push to catch them. It’s said that Syria is the biggest producer and Saudi Arabia the biggest importer, but these assumptions are only based on who has been caught.

In the case of Captagon, its approximated that pills average at about $5. A real Captagon pill costs approximately $25 on the high end, while a knockoff can be as low as $1. In 2021, 460 million pills were taken in seizures, which leads to the total estimate of 2.3 billion pills produced, if 80-90% of trades go through. And this accounts for about $10+ billion in revenue. It’s expected that for every shipment which gets intercepted, that nine others likely make it alright. In reality, the $10 billion estimated from 2021, is probably a low number.


Whether Syria really is the biggest narco state, is arguable at best. Though it makes for killer headlines, its hard to imagine Syria outdoing a country like Mexico. Even so, the real meat of the story, is simply that the growing popularity of Captagon, has led Syria to join the list of countries considered narco states.

Further details of Syria and its relationship with Captagon

Captagon has its place in Syria as a party drug, but its cheapness, and ability for discretion make it a popular choice over the more socially unacceptable alcohol. As the kind of stimulant associated with pulling an all-nighter in school, and for helping soldiers fight longer, its not shocking its used by workers who want to get more work done. There are even stories of bosses spiking their worker’s drinks with the pills, in order to get more work out of them.

France24 spoke with several illegal operators out of Syria, and though most required anonymity, they were able to shed some light on the situation. Said one fixer and trafficker, a big shipment is usually organized by five or six different entities in order to cover the cost of the raw materials, transporting, and necessary bribes; all of which can total around $10 million.


He explained, “The cost is low and the profits high,” and that getting intercepted sometimes isn’t the worst thing because even just one shipment out of ten making it, means enough profit for all involved. In terms of who these people are, he explained “There’s a group of more than 50 barons… They are one big web, Syrians, Lebanese and Saudis.”

Though the Syrian government plays some role (or at least takes money from it), much of the trade happens through Bedouin confederation Bani Khaled, which can often support the entire process of production in Syria, through delivery in a country like Saudi Arabia. This means less hand offs between different organizations, and an easier ability to maintain control. As the network reaches to Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, from Syria and Lebanon, this gives a large area to work within with one entity overseeing it.

Syria is currently the biggest producer of Captagon, manufacturing approximately 80% of the circulating Captagon globally. This is according to security services, that go on to say that the Captagon trade is worth three times the entire Syrian national budget. Assad-controlled areas are some of the biggest hotspots for this trade, though Assad’s brother Maher al-Assad plays a role as well, and is said to be one of the biggest winners in the Captagon game. It’s reported that many labs get “the raw material directly from the 4th Division, sometimes in military bags,” of which Maher is the de facto head.


The trade has done well to build up groups like Hezbollah, which is said to play a part in patrolling the Lebanese border to ensure safe trafficking. Said an ex-Syrian government adviser who remains anonymous, “Syria is in dire need of foreign currency, and this industry is capable of filling the treasury through a shadow economy from importing raw materials to manufacturing and finally exporting.”

The trade is big enough that many other organizations, including rebel groups, are in on it, particularly in the south of Syria. Sweida and Daraa, two provinces along the border with Jordan, have smuggling routes to Saudi Arabia. Abu Timur, a spokesman for the armed group Al-Karama, explained,

“The smuggling is organized by the tribes who live in the desert in coordination with over 100 small armed gangs,” and that “Captagon brought together all the warring parties of the conflict… The government, the opposition, the Kurds and ISIS.”

Syria might be the new Captagon narco state, but the drug isn’t killing anyone. If you look up ‘Captagon deaths,’ nothing comes up; which greatly begs the question why this matters. Why would anyone go this far to care about something not causing a problem? The only real assumption, is money. The situation has now gone so far, that this no death-toll drug, is reason for a shoot-to-kill policy in Jordan, concerning traffickers of Captagon out of Syria. Meaning a drug that doesn’t kill anyone (much like cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!), is now the reason for many deaths.


While its always nice to see different sides come together, perhaps the pursuance of a drug trade isn’t the best reason. However, low-grade knock-offs aside, Captagon isn’t the most intense drug, and far better than other options like opioids, which cause many deaths.


If you had the choice, you’d probably prefer your kid took a couple Captagon pills, over ever popping a fentanyl; but today’s reality is that you can get shot and killed over a drug, that doesn’t actually kill anyone.

You’re pretty cool – thanks for being a part of this! Welcome to; where we work hard to get you the best in cannabis and psychedelics reporting, everyday. Stop by whenever possible to stay aware of industry changes, and subscribe to the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter, so you’re always up on the latest news.

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Strain Review

OGKB aka OG Kush Breath Weed Strain Information and Review



There’s a lot of speculation and mystery that surrounds the cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! strain OGKB, questions like “What’s OGKB strain stand for?” Well, that’s easy, it’s an abbreviation for OG Kush Breath. Does the OG stand for Original Gangster? Who knows, just more awe to add to the mystery, I guess. The OGKB strain is believed to be a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies but more on that later. 

What you need to know is that this rare indica dominant strain is potently flavorful and certainly not a day-starter strain. This spunky pheno will rock your socks off with a 24%-30% THC content, and being a GSC descendant, it’s got a fairly high CBD content as well at just over 1%. As expected, people often mistake OGKB with the OGKB 2.0 strain, which is a separate award-winning phenotype developed by Mycotek. 

OGKB weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN GSC, OG Kush, Durban Poison
EFFECTS Calm, deep relaxation, elevated head-high
FLAVORS Skunky cheese, spice, citrus
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry mouth, red eyes,
munchies, heavy couchlock
MEDICAL Insomnia, stress, depression, 
persistent pain, fibromyalgia
THC CONTENT % 24% – 30%
CBDThis post contains affiliate links! % <1%
INDICA/SATIVA % 70% – 30%
INDOOR YIELD 1.4 – 2 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 15-20 oz per plant
HEIGHT 5-6.7ft
GROWTH LEVEL Easy to grow

Is the OGKB strain indica or sativa? 

The original breeder of the OGKB weed strain is believed to be Jigga from Cookies co. If that’s the case, we commend and thank them. The sheer indica dominance of the OGKB marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! strain is straight-up undeniable and almost displayed in your actions like having 30% will to party vs. 70% capacity to meld with the couch. It may fluctuate to the 40:60 indica dominance depending on your source, but the results are still intensely relaxing. 


ILGM has seeds on offer regularly! Sign up below to stay posted on the latest deals.

OGKB strain genetics 

As fables are lost over the course of time, the true lineage of OGKB strain genetics can only be speculated over. Although the GSC lineage is well established, the consensus seems to agree that it’s been blended with OG Kush and the pure South African sativa, Durban Poison. Girl Scout Cookies balances well with the Chemdawg offspring, OG Kush, both sharing an indica dominance and a spicy, citrus flavor. Their combined potency is displayed in OGKB’s thc content.

Adding some DP to this ménage à trois is the well-known Durban Poison. One of the few pure sativa landrace strains with a high THC content that delivers an energized, creative high that’s accompanied by a skunky-cheese flavor. It’s basically the granddaddy of most hybrid strains we’ve come to love and has earned the adoration the world over. Adding to its appeal, DP displays easy-to-grow tendencies and rewarding yields.  

Here our list of top 8 highest yielding strains (indoor & outdoor)

Growing the OGKB strain

There’s no particular grow info on the OGKB strain, tricks, or tips that are going to let you get bigger yields with this strain, except for good ol’ knowledge and expertise (and quite possibly the ILGM Grow Bible). The OGKB weed strain displays are easy to mildly difficult growing tendencies depending on your cultivating experience and which version of the strain you may have. Fortunately, it can be grown from clones since OGKB strain seeds can be hard to come by. 

OGKB plants form bushy foliage that would benefit from early trellising and extremely dense buds with a structure quite reminiscent of Indica-based strains. The large nugs are a bright mint green, with vivid orange pistils and gentle sugar leaves cradled in and amongst the bud. A frosting of trichome crystals is draped all over the surface, making it delectable to the eye and sticky to the touch.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

Buy GSC Extreme Seeds

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • High THC levels up to 21%
  • You feel both relaxed and euphoric
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

Growing OGKB outdoors 

The most valuable piece of OGKB strain info for growers is about pruning and doing it often. OGKB plants grow well in warm, humid climates and reach a height of 5-6.7ft. The moderately short plants are quite bushy and produce such densely packed heads that regular pruning is your friend. It will increase airflow and minimize the chance of mold or mildew forming on your plants, possibly ruining a healthy harvest

Flowering time

The fortunate souls that have managed to obtain OGKB strain seeds or gotten access to clones can expect a flowering time of around 56-63 days for indoor grow setups. Outdoor growers of the strain can prepare for a harvest in late October.  

How much does the OGKB strain yield?

What is the OGKB strain without its glorious genetics? Not only were prime flavor and effect some of the qualities handed down through its lineage but also the capacity to generate substantial yields. Indoor growers of the strain can look forward to approximately 1.4-2 oz/ft2, whereas outdoor cultivators can pull in around 15-20 oz/plant.


If you take it easy and consume the OGKB strain in moderation, you may be able to stay productive and make it through the day; however, if you plan on going full tilt and hitting that bongThis post contains affiliate links! like you have a vendetta against it, then prepare yourself for a very chilled day in. The OGKB strain effects take hold quickly, filling your body with an overwhelming sense of calm and deep relaxation and sweeping your mind with an elevated head-high. 

OG Kush Marijuana Strain

Buy OG kush seeds

  • 75% indica 25% sativa
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • Produces a high yield, especially indoors
  • Experience euphoric joy and happiness

The OGKB strain is recommended for veteran smokers, as this strain may induce a high that’s far too great for your run-of-the-mill newbie smokers to handle. Some users warn that this strain left them with a very heady high and a lack of focus, while others claim it made them heavily sedated and euphorically calm. The results may well depend on your own tolerance and consumption. 

Many OGKB fans have given praise to this strain for easing their symptoms related to insomnia, stress, depression,  persistent pain, and even Fibromyalgia. With many beneficial uses, OGKB does also come with a few drawbacks, namely dry mouth and red eyes, the munchies, and heavy couchlock. More intense side effects that have been noted are dizziness,  paranoia, twitching, tingling, and a loss of sense of time. 

How strong is the OGKB strain?

The OGKB strain weighs in with an average THC content of 25% (sometimes as high as 30%). However, vast amounts of OGKB strain reviews will agree that the highs it delivers surely stack up to strains of a higher potency range.


OGKB terpenes

OGKB weed smokes smooth and is loaded with Limonene terps, giving off a strong citrus flavor and scent mixed with deep notes of earthy pine and musk. Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Terpinolene are among the dominant terpenes in this strain, bringing with them a range of flavors, aromas, and physical benefits. 

Once ignited, the scent of nutty berries becomes more noticeable. The subtle hints of sweet vanilla make their presence known amongst the abundance of strong, pungent fruitiness and diesel. There’s a deep flavor of creamy nut and vanilla, especially on the inhale, with a spicy herbal exhale to send you on your way.

Check out our USA seed bank for any of OGKB’s ancestors and other legendary strains!

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Strain Review

Insufflation – The Lowdown On Getting Drugs Blown Into You



There are a lot of modes of delivery for a medication, some that work better for particular compounds than others. Most of these are known, and at least sometimes used. Like taking something by mouth (tablet, tincture, oil); directly into a vein or muscle (injection, IV); on the skin (cream, patch); up the nose; in the eyes; and even in the private areas (think suppositories). One method not always well explained, is insufflation. And it presents a different form of drug consumption, by blowing the drug into a person.

Blowing drugs inside a person, what does that mean??

When you’re used to pills, and creams, and shots; medication taking seems pretty standard. But there are situations in life for which these standard and popular methods won’t work, and for which something different must be done. Our vast world of medical ability, and vast array of medical issues; dictate that answers might not always be within standard means.

Like insufflation. While the word sounds like a cross between inflating a balloon and suffocating a person, it means neither of these. Insufflation relates to “an act or the action of blowing on, into, or in,” according to Merrian Webster. It goes on to give the examples: “a Christian ceremonial rite of exorcism performed by breathing on a person,” or “the act of blowing something (such as a drug in powdered form) into a body cavity.” The latter is more up our alley for today.


When a medication (or illicit drug) is given through insufflation, it quite literally means a powder or gas is blown into a person via one of their orifices. The term is not specific to an orifice, nor a certain ailment, nor a particular drug. It simply relates that the person is treated by having something actually blown inside them.

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They blow what into where??

If it sounds nuts, or creepy, or like something you’d prefer not to deal with in life; consider that there are applications we’re already familiar with. For one thing, when a person stops breathing for whatever reason, and is given mouth to mouth resuscitation, this is a form of insufflation. The oxygen is the drug, and the mouth is the orifice used. Learning mouth to mouth is standard for many professions outside of regular doctoring, and it’s a visual we’re all familiar with from TV and movies.

Now consider an asthma inhaler. You’re not putting something in your mouth and swallowing when using an inhaler. You’re using a mechanism by which when you apply pressure, it blows out medicine; that you breathe in. This makes asthma inhalers one of the most common forms of medication taken via insufflation; although it’s not 100% insufflation. It requires the user to breathe in. Some nasal inhalers, however, are entirely insufflation.

Now think of a person hooked up to a ventilator or breathing machine of some kind. Some of these machines operate by forcing air into a person who can’t breathe properly on their own. This is done through positive airway pressure, which blows out air at a set pressure, to ensure it gets into the person’s lungs. The mechanism is used for different breathing issues, like sleep apnea, and is built off the idea of insufflation.


Another common application is the use of gas insufflation during surgery, to create space for doctors to work. This is common with operations like laparoscopic surgery, where a small incision is made, and a camera stuck in and moved around. Usually carbon dioxide is used for this purpose. In many cases the gas is blown in via an incision into the peritoneal cavity (where the intestines, stomach, and liver live). Other surgeries in other parts of the body include insufflation into a different area. Beyond insufflating gases to make a bigger work space for surgery; this is also done to see more areas internally, and to enhance imaging.

Isn’t shotgunning insufflation?

These days you’ve got a bunch of new age cannabis inhalers to choose from, for both the mouth and nose. Plus, there’s an old-school method of marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! insufflation; and its one which a large percentage of weed smokers are familiar with, and have used at least once. I expect no one actively thinks ‘I’m insufflating’ while doing it, but regardless, that’s exactly what is done. The good old ‘shotgun.’

When heading to the car, and calling ‘shotgun,’ this is understood to mean that the person calling it, is reserving their place next to the driver. That’s what the term means in this scenario; the front passenger seat. In a way its like saying that the person wants immediate access to the driver; almost like a second-in-command thing. Similarly, when you shotgun a hit of weed, you’re the second person; getting it directly from the smoker.

Shotgunning marijuana
Shotgunning marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links!

A shotgun is when one person inhales weed smoke in some way. It could be from a bong, a pipe, a joint, a vape, a blunt, or a dab. That person inhales, and then when its time to exhale, they put their mouth right on (or close to) the mouth of another person, and blow the smoke directly into the waiting person’s mouth. Kind of like a big weed kiss.

It’s also very much in the realm of recycling. Maybe not the recycling that helps maintain the planet, but rather the kind used when a product is in short supply; and you want to make what you have, go as far as possible. It’s also used in the context of getting a little closer to a person of interest, as the move itself is rather intimate. Shotgunning is possible with any drug which a person inhales. Much like an inhaler, it’s not 100% insufflation, as the second person must actively inhale as well.

Snorting cocaine as nasal insufflation

Snorting is a little bit different. While the two get confused, the main difference is in the action of drug release. Insufflation means something being blown in you; whereas snorting means sucking something into yourself with your nose. When doing a line of cocaine, the cocaine isn’t forcing itself into your nose; its sitting there still. It’s your action that brings it in. Inhalers that don’t contain a pump and/or require a breath, also technically don’t qualify fully. This is often ignored, and the term ‘nasal insufflation’ is synonymous with ‘snorting’. However, by definition, insufflation and snorting are two separate things.


A better example of cocaine insufflation uses a different orifice, the butt. Now, when looking at rectal drug use (yup, it’s a thing – consider all those blood vessels making uptake quick and easy), this generally involves leaving something in there. I remember years ago hearing stories of people soaking tampons in alcohol and shoving them in where the sun don’t shine. Something I heard of as ‘slimming’ back then, but which often goes by the term ‘butt chugging’ now. This idea (usually sans tampon) is applicable to different drugs, and goes by several names, including shelving.

However, I’m talking about something specific. And it came up prominently in the HBO show ‘Industry’. On the show, one guy pulled down his pants, and the other took a straw and blew the cocaine into the first guy’s butt. Now I hear about it more, with a mention in the fourth season of the popular show ‘You’. This involved the character Connie asking his housekeeper to give him a ‘butt bump’, since his nose injury prevented him from the normal way (episode 6 for those interested). We don’t see it, we just hear him speak about asking her to blow it through a straw into his butt; (she refused.)

Realistically, though this action happens way less frequently than standard use, its popularity is growing such that its coming up in cutting edge TV shows. Maybe not everyone is comfortable dropping trow and bending over for a cocaine anal insufflation; but it does seem that more and more are willing to try.

Powder drugs can be taken by insufflation
Powder drugs can be taken by insufflation

Others drugs for insufflation

If you look at snorting as nasal insufflation, then there are tons of drugs that are taken in this manner. From cocaine, to ketamine, to MDMA, to 2C-B, to heroin, and on; plenty can be snorted into the nose. And while this doesn’t fit the exact definition of insufflation, (as it’s a sucking action over a blowing action), ‘nasal insufflation’ has become a common term for snorting a drug.

One last place where the term insufflation applies partly, is with scopolamine. For those unfamiliar, this deliriant hallucinogen, also known as hyoscine and Devil’s Breath, is found in plants like Datura stramonium. Though it’s in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, it’s also known for its ability to elicit confessions from people and make them docile enough to control. This has led to some amount of criminal use.

Though its hard to say how accurate reporting is, there are many stories out of Colombia (and South America in general) of the drug being blown into people’s faces in order to get them high on it, for the purpose of robbery. How many incidents there are is out with the jury, as is the exact mode of ingestion (sometimes its put in drinks). But if the stories are true, then a fair amount of people have had scopolamine blown in their faces. This, like most asthma inhalers, is only partial insufflation, as it does require the victim to breathe in as well.



And there you have it! The term insufflation isn’t quite as out-there or scary as you thought (apart from scopolamine being blown in your face). And there are plenty of applications that apply to regular life, whether you’re an illicit drug user, a person with sleep apnea, or just an asthmatic. And while it does provide a fancier term for the act of snorting, it also introduces a very different way of looking at drug ingestion.

Hello all! We’re happy to see you here at; an independent news source focusing on the cannabis and psychedelics industries of today. Chill with us regularly to stay on top of important stories; and subscribe to the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter, to ensure nothing goes on without you knowing.

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Strain Review

Nerds Weed Strain Information and Review



Alright, gang. Whip out your pocket protectors and thick-rimmed glasses because today we’re going full-dink and geeking out hard on the Nerds strain review. This candy-flavored hybrid goes by many names, such as Blue Nerds strain, Pink Nerdz, or Nerdz OG, usually alternating between the “s” and the “z” depending on one’s attention to formalities and intellectual professionalism. 

Many different breeders have adopted the “Nerdz” moniker for their strains. However, the parent strains may not always be the same. The Nerdz strain in question today is the tasty result of a Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough cross.  Perfect for newbies and light-weights, this exotic strain carries a mild 14%-17% THC content, invoking a relaxed, euphoric, and sometimes even an introspective high. 

Nerds strain attributes:
ORIGIN Haze descendant, Strawberry cough
EFFECTS Focus, creativity, mental agility
FLAVORS Sweet, berry, strawberry
ADVERSE REACTIONS Red eyes, dry mouth,
hunger, thirst, tiredness, sedation
MEDICAL Pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue
FLOWERING TIME 56 – 63 days
THC CONTENT % 15% to 23%
CBDThis post contains affiliate links! % 0.27% – 0.55%
INDICA/SATIVA % 50% – 50%
INDOOR YIELD 0.5oz/ft2 up to 1.9oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 oz – 22 oz per plant
HEIGHT < 30 inches

Is the Nerds strain indica or sativa? 

The Nerds weed strain was developed by the Oregon Microgrowers Guild and created by Chief Geneticist at Zed Therapeutics inc, Adam Jacquesis. Generally, a perfectly balanced hybrid of 50% sativa to 50% indica variations have appeared. Just like episode 5, season 1 of Star Trek where Captain Kirk is split into two clones that are nothing alike, there is another Nerdz strain, yet its genetics are entirely different with Cherry Pie OG X Goji OG being its parent strains. 


ILGM has seeds on offer regularly! Sign up below to stay posted on the latest deals.

Nerds strain genetics

The parent strains of the Nerds strain are both known for their sweet, candy-like flavors and mellow highs. These fine qualities are reflected in the Nerds strain genetics and handed down by Strawberry Cough. The specific origins of this delectable sativa dominant strain are a mystery, yet it’s believed to be a Haze descendant. Much loved for its sweet, berry flavors, Strawberry cough has a mid-range THC content that delivers a relaxed yet energized high. 

The strong note of grape in Nerdz’s flavor is certainly inherited from the Grape Ape strain. This result of a three-way cross of Skunk #1, Mendocino Purps, and Afghan is a boldly indica dominant strain (90:10) with a 15%-23% THC level. Besides its rich, earthy skunk fragrance and sweet grapey taste, its popularity is aided by its user-friendly growing habits, natural resilience, and high-yielding potential.  

Growing the Nerds strain

Following in the footsteps of its parent strains, the Nerds weed strain displays a fair resilience to pests and molds. It has a preference for warm, humid climates and can be grown with minimal difficulty indoors and outdoors. Availability in seeds for the OG Nerds strain has declined, making it harder to access but fortunately, it can be grown from clones, increasing your mathematical odds of getting your hands on it.  

Strawberry Cough Strain

Buy Strawberry Cough Seeds

  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Strawberry taste, mellow-energetic high

Despite being a short-growing breed, the Nerds strain produces dense, oversized buds that are packed with sticky, glistening resin. They are bright green in color with dashes of yellow and streaks of amber hairs. The buds rest in a bed of trichome-coated sugar leaves that have subtle accents of purple amidst the tones of forest green.  

Growing the Nerds strain outdoors

Content with warm, humid environments, the Nerds strain thrives outside regardless of only growing to an average height of +- 30 inches. With a rather bushy nature, your plant’s foliage can grow thick, making maintenance a regular task.  With regular pruning you can ensure healthy airflow, eliminating excess moisture that may lead to mold or pests. For bookworms out there that want to learn how to optimize their grow, check out our Grow Bible


Flowering time of the Nerds strain

Flowering time for the Nerds strain could be considered an average with 56-63 days for indoor growers and harvest time for outdoor cultivators at around mid-October. Since the Nerds strain seeds can be rarer than a pre-release pokemon card, many growers have relied on clones which tend to be smaller, fast-maturing cultivars with a flowering time of 45-50 days and smaller yields.  

Here’s our ultimate guide on: Outdoor marijuana grow calendar to get the best results

How much does the Nerds strain yield?

Perhaps Nerds strain was bred for quality over quantity thus smaller yields can be expected, especially when growing from clones. A good harvest outdoors can average around 16-22oz per plant, although it could be as low as 5.3oz per plant. Whereas indoor growers can expect yields of 0.5oz/ft2 up to 1.9oz/ft2.  

Nerds strain effects 

The Nerds strain effects are like the enchantment cards in Magic, the Gathering: Powerful and long-lasting. Providing the user with a heightened sense of focus, the bold cerebral effects wash the mind with clarity and mental agility, allowing you to concentrate on creative ideas or mental tasks such as planning. The body-stone effects do take a toll on physical productivity so reserving it for late afternoons or early evenings may be the wiser option. 

People that are combating persistent pains, overwhelming stress, anxiety, PTSD, or fatigue are said to sometimes find relief from the Nerds strain; thanks to its mid-range THC content, it makes the benefits of cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! more accessible without the overwhelmingly strong highs some chronics provide. Occasional side effects may include the ever-common dry, red eyes, dry mouth, hunger, thirst, and possibly extreme tiredness and sedation if consumed in excess.

Is the Nerds strain strong?

Nerds strain, as you’d expect, isn’t exactly the quarterback of weed, but don’t mistake it for harmless. Its THC levels are mild, but the highs are still potent. Think of it as that geeky kid no one picked on because he knew karate.


Nerds strain terpene profile

Named after the candy of the same name, the Nerds strain has a sweet flavor of grape and spicy herb, with a fruity strawberry taste on the exhale. The fragrance is very much like the flavor just with a hint more spice and rich, earthy tones. The scent is strong and hard to keep under wraps once that jar is cracked open so be ready to share.  Nerdz has a range of beneficial and tasty terps with Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Eucalyptol, Humulene, and Terpinolene to name a few. 

Check out the ILGM seed bank to get the latest trending cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! seeds and high-quality legendary strains!

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Strain Review

11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies: Discover This Unique Compound



Looking for a unique and potent cannabis experience? Check out Cali Reserve 11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies, which offer a one-of-a-kind combination of cannabinoids, including 11-Hydroxy-THC, THC-X, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC distillate. This combination delivers a potent and unparalleled experience characterized by intense euphoria, relaxation, happiness, and an energizing effect.

Choose between the following falvors: Berry Blue, Kiwi Mixer and Tangie Peach. Each pack contains 20 gummies, with 250mg in each gummy, which makes it a very strong edible.

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11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies - Berry Blue
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11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies: Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind High Experience

What makes Cali Reserve 11-Hydroxy-THC gummies so unique is their high-potency blend of cannabinoids. 11-Hydroxy-THC (AKA 11-HXY-THC) is a metabolite of THC that is produced in the liver when THC is ingested and converted into a more potent compound. Research on the exact effects of this cannabinoid is still limited, but it is believed to produce effects that are comparable in strength to Delta 9 THC.

Due to its strength, it is important to exercise caution when dosing with such high-potency products. Each pack of these 11-Hydroxy-THC gummies contains 20 gummies, with 250mg of cannabinoids per gummy, so it is recommended to start with a small dose and wait a while for the effects before consuming more.


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11-Hydroxy-THC gummies - Tangy Peach
11-Hydroxy-THC gummies – Tangy Peach

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Why Choose 11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies over Vapes or Tinctures?

We all love THC edibles. Gummies are a popular way of consuming cannabis due to their ease of consumption, consistent dosing, and discretion. The new 11-Hydroxy-THC gummies offer an attractive option for cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! enthusiasts who also can choose between three flavors: Berry Blue, Kiwi Mixer and Tangie Peach.

While gummies are great, some people prefer vapes or tinctures, also a good choice when it comes to cannabis prodcuts:


Gummies are an edible form of cannabis, typically infused with THC or CBD. They are discreet, easy to dose, and offer a tasty alternative to smoking. Gummies take longer to kick in (around 30-90 minutes) due to digestion but provide longer-lasting effects (4-8 hours).

11-Hydroxy-THC gummies - Kiwi Mixer
11-Hydroxy-THC gummies – Kiwi Mixer


Vaping involves inhaling cannabis vapor produced by heating the plant material or concentrated oil. The onset of effects is rapid (within seconds to minutes) but may last for a shorter duration (1-3 hours). Vaping is considered less harsh on the lungs compared to smoking, but potential long-term health effects are still being studied. Currently, aside from flower, vaping in the most popular way of consuming cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!.


Tinctures are liquid cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! extracts, usually alcohol or oil-based, that can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added to food and drinks. They provide precise dosing and fast absorption when taken sublingually (15-45 minutes). Effects last between 4-6 hours. Tinctures are discreet and can be used for a wide range of therapeutic purposes.

Gummies, Vapes and Tinctures, each method caters to different preferences and needs, so it’s essential to consider factors like onset time, duration, discretion, and personal preferences when choosing the right option for you.

Have you tried the new legal psychedelic tinctures?


To conclude, experience a potent and unique cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! adventure with Cali Reserve 11-Hydroxy-THC Gummies, featuring a powerful blend of cannabinoids like 11-Hydroxy-THC, THC-X, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC distillate. Indulge in Berry Blue, Kiwi Mixer, or Tangie Peach flavors, with each pack containing 20 gummies at 250mg per gummy.

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High-potench THCA vapes. Same as THC, only legal…

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Cannadelics’ Wholesale Opportunities

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Strain Review

Medellin Weed Strain Information and Review



Once again, the talented breeders at Californian-based Lemonnade (part of The Cookies Fam.)  fail to disappoint with their Medellin weed strain.

This potent hybrid strain hits hard and fast with bold flavor and long-lasting highs that will leave you with a new candidate on your top 10 strains list. The broadly popular Wedding Cake and the ever-dank Sirius Chem D strains make up the Medellin strain lineage, inheriting their potency and flavor. 

Not the strain to be played with or smoked by newbies, the Medellin strain’s THC level averages in the low 20s but can reach as high as 30%, reminding us that everyone thinks they’re Tommy Chong until they drop the clutch on the bong. However there’s more to this strain than mind-bending highs, so let’s dive into this Medellin strain review and see what’s got everyone buzzing.


Looking for marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! seed deals? Subscribe to our seed deals to gain access to weekly deals on marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! seeds!

Medellin attributes:
ORIGIN Wedding cake and Sirius chem d
EFFECTS Focus, euphoria, energy
FLAVORS Lemon, sweet earth, and vanilla
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes and dry mouth
MEDICAL Anxiety, headaches, dizziness,
increased heart rate, couchlock
HARVEST TIME Late September and early October
CBD % 0.27% – 0.54%
INDICA/SATIVA % 40% – 60%
OUTDOOR YIELD 10 – 15 Oz/plant
HEIGHT 2.5ft – 5ft
GROWTH LEVEL Moderate difficulty

Is the medellin strain indica or sativa?

According to  Medellin Strain info, it is said to be named after the Columbian city of the same name. It is a bold sativa dominant hybrid strain that may side-swipe you into indica town if you get carried away. Medellin weed strain has a 60% sativa to 40% indica ratio, though due to its potent effects, many users have claimed it felt more indica leaning

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, whereas others would just call it counterfeiting. The Medellin marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! strain has grown so rapidly in popularity that it left a trail of fakes in its wake, so buy with caution. Just because pot comes in flashy packaging, that doesn’t mean it’s legit and if you have doubts, then rather go to the source. 

Wedding Cake Strain

Buy wedding cake seeds

  • 70% indica, 30% Sativa
  • THC Levels around 25%
  • Easy growing in- and outdoors
  • Relaxation while remaining sharp


The two flavorful and powerful strains that make up the Medellin stain genetics are both famous in their own right. Wedding Cake strain is a tasty combination of Cherry Pie and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) that has grown worldwide recognition. It’s a 70:30 indica dominant strain that’s known for ultra-relaxing highs that still allow you to retain focus, despite its 25% THC level.

Medellin strain’s other parent strain is Sirius Chem D, the cosmic result of the intergalactic union of Stardog and Chemdawg. Sirius Chem D is a balanced hybrid that’s known for its high THC levels and generous yields, both indoors and outdoors. 

Read our detailed review of Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg.

Grow info

Medellin strain produces bright green, fluffy nugs coated in a healthy layer of bright orange hairs and trichome frosting. It has a moderate difficulty rating so having some growing experience will be needed; however, growing indoors with controlled conditions will increase your odds of success. Medellin strain seeds, like many other Cookies fam strains, may be tough to find, and if you do happen to come across any make sure that it’s the real deal. 

Growing the Medellin strain outdoors

The Medellin weed strain performs well in outdoor environments, growing to an average height of 2.5ft – 5ft. It displays standard resilience to pests and mold, provided you have adequate cultivation knowledge to manage the environment. You can refer to our grow guides for all the tips and tricks you need to know. 


Flowering time

Growers of the Medellin weed strain can expect an average flowering time of 55-65 days for indoor setups, with the peak harvest being around day 59. Outdoor enthusiasts can prepare for harvest around late September and early October

Growing the Medellin strain is not easy. Download my FREE marijuana grow bible and follow step by step instructions to get the best yield.

How much does the Medellin strain yield?

The yields that you can expect will depend on the conditions of your grow setup and the cultivation knowledge implemented, but overall the Medellin weed strain generates medium-sized yields. The average yield growers can expect indoors is 1-2oz/ft2 and 10-15oz per plant for outdoor growers.


The Medellin strain effects are incredible, enjoyable, and euphoric, but they are by no means gentle. The buzz comes on fast and hits hard, but if consumed in rational quantities, it still allows you to function and focus on the day ahead. It’s a great strain for wake-n-bakes and daytime blazing, allowing you to be sociable and energized. 

Here’s our list of the best morning strains to start your day!

The sativa and indica traits of Medellin will present themselves depending on the quantities you smoke, with the indica side setting in as you ingest more. Many users have found that the Medellin strain provided relief to their pain as well as arthritis symptoms. However, others have reported side effects as well. These include anxiety, headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate, and serious bouts of couchlock. Dry eyes and mouth are also to be expected.  


The Medellin marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! strain has a pungent scent with layers of citrus meets cheese. The Caryophyllene terpenes lend to the soft hints of pine that permeate through the thick wall of fuel and funk. Its flavor is previewed in the scent, with limonene terps carrying through the taste of strong lemon citrus mixed with sweet earth and vanilla. Smoking smooth and gentle on the throat, tones of musk with subtle gas flavors are present, especially on the exhale.


How strong is the Medellin strain?

The Medellin weed strain is as strong as the city it’s named after, with THC levels that average in the low to mid-twenties. It has been reported that it can reach as high as 30%.


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Strain Review

Unlocking Potency & Extraction Efficiency



Before we get down to the brass tacks of freeze drying weed, it’s important to know that freeze-drying is not the same as putting your buds in a freezer. Freeze-drying cannabis is a more effective way of long-term storage as opposed to freezing cannabis. It ensures a longer shelf-life for your buds while also keeping them potent. The difference lies in what freeze drying avoids that freezing doesn’t.

Reasons not to freeze weed

Freezer burn

Freezer burn occurs when cold and dry air in the freezer draws out the moisture in your fresh buds and replaces it with oxygen. While this has the potential to dry your nugs, the moisture has no means to evaporate, so it remains on the surface, where it forms a layer of frost. While it won’t result in your buds becoming susceptible to mold, the freezer burn alone causes reduced potency as it exposes your buds to more oxygen.

Additionally, thawing out your buds after they’ve been frozen leaves them moist and mushy. This is the result of the water molecules in the buds contracting and expanding as it freezes, which destroys the cells’ structural integrity. If you use a normal kitchen freezer, your buds won’t be consumable anymore. And you can only convert them into extracts if you’ve made the proper preparations to catch the fallen trichomes.


Loss of trichomes

Freezing temperatures will result in the trichomes on your buds turning brittle enough to fall off if you touch them. This isn’t ideal if the buds you stored were meant to be smoked. But it can be a blessing in disguise as you can turn the kief into extracts.

Slow decarboxylation

Due to the moisture that has collected on the surface of the buds (aka water activity), it will take longer for them to decarb. While this isn’t an issue if you’re smoking them, it can prove detrimental if the buds were meant for edibles. Slower decarboxylation means it needs to stay in the oven longer, which lowers potency as the THC degrades into CBN(1).

What is freeze drying?

As the name suggests, freeze drying is a process that involves freezing the moisture in your buds and drying them. The drying part is achieved through a process called sublimation. Sublimation is a type of transition that turns a solid into its gas state without needing to turn it into a liquid. In our case, it’s the moisture-turned ice crystals in the buds that need to be sublimated into water vapor. And for sublimation to occur, it needs certain temperatures and pressures. This is why freeze drying weed can’t be done with your standard kitchen freezer. You need specialized equipment that has those specific functions.

It’s said that freeze drying is a high-quality dehydration method as it retains many of the flavors of foods, and for the most part, it translates well into cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!. A little too well, in fact. Studies have shown that freeze drying doesn’t break down chlorophyll the same way standard drying methods do(2)(3). It’s for this reason, we recommend that if you freeze dry cannabisThis post contains affiliate links!, do so with the intention of using it for making hash.

How does freeze-drying cannabis work?

Deep freezing

There are three stages in freeze drying(4). The first is deep freezing which is the stage where you bring the buds down to -40°C (-40°F) or lower. This is done to turn the moisture in your buds into ice.


Sublimation drying

The second stage of the process involves sublimating the ice into water vapor. This is done by lowering the pressure in the freeze dryer. One thing to note is that this is all done automatically.

Desorption drying

The last step, also known as the secondary or final drying, is when your freeze-dried weed is brought back to room temperature. This removes the last bit of moisture from the buds.

What are the benefits of freeze-drying marijuana?

The main benefit of freeze drying weed is that it improves certain qualities, such as flavor and shelf life.

But that’s not all. A study states that the best method for drying buds is freeze-drying. It preserves the quality and does so for longer than traditionally cured weed(4).

Freeze drying as a method for curing

One of the more novel ways of curing cannabis is through a freeze dryer. Unlike traditional drying methods that implement heat, freeze drying does the opposite. It uses extremely low temperatures to dry and cure your buds. The resulting end-product has a higher quality to it and a longer shelf-life. However, freeze-drying isn’t necessary for the home grower.

It’s more of a nice-to-have sort of thing rather than a necessary piece of equipment. And while it does make for a higher quality product, at the end of the day, it’s still a matter of preference. So only invest in a freezer dryer if you’re keen to try your hand at modern, high-quality hash making.


I’m sure the term ‘fresh frozen’ somewhat rings a bell, and you may have seen it being thrown around in articles covering freeze drying. This is because fresh frozen is a term used to describe a method that growers use to preserve the quality of their buds to turn them into high-quality extracts.

Freeze drying is key to this process since the trichomes of freeze-dried cannabis fall off a lot easier, unlike traditionally dried and cured ones. This is ideal when putting it through an ice water bath to make bubble hash which can then be pressed into live rosin.

What to look for in a freeze dryer for cannabis

When looking for a cannabisThis post contains affiliate links! freeze dryer, the main things you need to consider are price, capacity, and rating. With price, there’s the cost of the freeze dryer itself and the ongoing costs. Overall, you might be looking at an average of $2,500 to $5,000 (depending on the size and type of pump) with a $30 to $50 ongoing cost to run it. For its capacity, it should have a shelf area of 1 square meter and a condensing capacity of 30 liters. 

How do you freeze dry properly?

Freeze drying marijuanaThis post contains affiliate links! requires you to use a professional freeze-dryer. This is because, with the right appliance, you won’t really need to do much of anything as the machine does everything for you. It beats working with something potentially hazardous as dry ice, which, in poorly-ventilated areas, can result in a buildup of carbon dioxide.

When should you put weed in the freezer?

When preparing live resin

The only acceptable reason for putting your weed in the freezer is if you plan to make high-quality extracts out of it. By putting your buds in the freezer dryer, it’s left preserved and prepped until ready to be made into either solventless or solvent extracts (aka ‘Dabs’).


The solvent extraction process involves using the (fresh) frozen buds and subjecting them to a solvent such as propane or butane to extract the resin. From there, the extract is purged, leaving behind a rich concentrate of cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s important to note that, like freeze drying, this process involves specialized equipment. Moreover, the compounds involved are volatile and dangerous, which is why we advise against making resin using these gasses.

When making ice hash

Ice hash (ice-o-later) or bubble hash is a method of making a more refined form of hash. It doesn’t strictly need you to use frozen buds; if anything, you can also just use dried and cured cannabis to make it. But there’s a notable difference in flavor and fragrance if you use (freshly) frozen or freeze-dried buds because of how well they’ve preserved the terpenes in the trichomes.

As for the process of making bubble hash, you won’t need any chemicals. Instead, you prep your frozen or freeze-dried buds for an ice wash where they’ll be stirred. This part of the process will break off the trichomes from the flowers, making it much easier if frozen or freeze-dried. Once they’re broken off, the resulting kief is then dried for 2 to 10 days, wherein it will become translucent.


Freeze drying is a novel way to dry and preserve your buds. It has the advantage of traditional drying methods in that it preserves the flavors and potency of your herbs. Yet, it is a specialized field and might not be obtainable or even necessary for most novice growers. If you do think this is something for you and you want to try your hand at freeze-drying cannabis, you need to grow weed that’s worth freeze drying in the first place. Buy seeds at ILGM.

FAQs About Freeze Drying Weed


How long does freeze drying weed take

Most freeze dryers nowadays only take a day or so to complete the process (20 to 40 hours). The time it takes does depend on the quantity you put in as well as the amount of moisture in your buds.

Does putting weed in the freezer make it less potent

Not necessarily. The only reason people say putting weed in a freezer makes it less potent is because of how the trichomes on the flowers will break off. In reality, freezing your buds preserves their potency and flavor much better than drying and curing. But it has the downside of only making your frozen buds viable for hash making instead of smoking.

What temperature do you freeze dry weed at


-40°C (-40°F) or lower, and it’s important that it’s done immediately. By flash-freezing your buds, you prevent ice crystals from forming, which would otherwise ruin their quality. This is also the main reason why your kitchen freezer is not up to the task of preserving and curing your precious bud to perfection.

Cited Sources

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